We are startups friendly

Our vision is to be a reference for Nigerians and law firms in Nigeria for delivery of quality, affordable and timely legal services

At Headfort Chambers, we are solution to the various legal issues faced by Small Medium Enterprise(SMEs). We have a package specifically tailored for them.

Legal service is very essential for startups even though they often want to shy away from that fact, we know at start up stage, it is difficult to spend on legal services but because we know that the foundation determines the future, we have designed a package for startups in our firm where we train them on basic legal requirements needed in their business.

After the training, we expect them to be able to draft simple contracts themselves without contacting a lawyer, we expect them to do some basic documentation themselves and for other legal and advisory services that they cannot do themselves either as of law or as of choice, we bill them on a startup package already compiled by the firm.
In Nigeria today, there are about 3.2 Million registered business, businesses are still being registered in hundreds on daily basis while thousands are doing business without registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission. The question that comes to mind is of all these businesses, how many percentage outlive the business owners?

At Headfort Chambers, we are aware that majority of Nigerian businesses do not outlive the business owners mainly because most of the business has no structure of any sort, so on regular basis we train business owners and their stakeholders on the legal structure as it is designed for micro, small and medium scale businesses to know the proper legal structure to put in place, to know the basic legal requirements that should be in place for the sustainability of their business. The goal of this training is to see more small and medium businesses grow into big brands, and the big brands remain in existence during and after the lifetime of the business owner.
Our trainings cover the following topics:

  • Understanding proper legal structure for formation of company
  • Government Approvals/Licenses needed in different industries and necessary compliance
  • The rudiment around contract formation and mandatory clauses
  • Intellectual Property
  • Employment Law
  • Arbitration
  • Drafting Simple Agreement + legal documentation

This training is targeted at business owners, entrepreneurs, intending entrepreneurs and business managers. Our training session can be booked by contacting us on 09064234900 or

At Headfort Chambers, we also train experts on the reality of living and working in Nigeria. expats in their thousand come into Nigeria for the purposes of working and investing in Nigeria but most of these expats have no understanding of the country they live and work in and as such should there be any issue, they are either extorted or cheated.
We come up with this training to cover the following topice in order to familiarize expats with Nigeria from the very point of entry into Nigeria.

  • Nigerian Diversified culture
  • Police, law, legal advice and justice system
  • Investments and Exchange rate
  • Living Condition
  • Relaxation, Socialization and Night life
  • Taxes
  • Charitable Organizations


As one of the leading law firms in Nigeria, we believe we have a responsibility to engage with and support the communities around us, involving our clients and our supply chain, to best meet community needs.

Headfort Chambers believe that having goals and a vision for our firm that goes beyond paid services and profits definitely provides a warmer image for our business. We believe it is our responsibility to support the community through pro bono and charitable activities. Consistent with our practice towards the development of the legal profession and supporting our community, we render legal services on a pro bono basis to clients who cannot afford same. More importantly, our programmes enable our people to make a positive impact on the lives of the communities where we operate and live.

Our last financial year saw us dedicate over Two Million Naira of time to our pro bono and community programmes as our lawyers are on consistent standby to Non-Governmental Organization such as Gender Mobile and Headfort Foundation who constantly assign cases of indigent Nigerians to us for prosecution and defense.