We are committed to delivering efficient and value driven services and that is why we say Headfort Chambers practice law with a difference.
— Orija Oluyemi, Managing Partner


Law practice with a difference!

Our vision is to be a reference for Nigerians and law firms in Nigeria for delivery of quality, affordable and timely legal services

Headfort Chambers is an innovative law and training firm focused on providing top quality legal services and solutions to its diverse clients in the private and public sector. At Headfort Chambers our clients are not just clients to us but family.

We partner with clients to grow their business and provide solution to their everyday challenges, we help our clients think outside the box because the world is evolving, we as a firm are evolving and it is pertinent to us that our client must also evolve.


We are vast and always at your service

At Headfort Chambers, we have wide range of knowledge in the area of corporate law practice. The firm has incorporated hundreds of corporate organization to its credit, the companies so incorporated are not only enjoying the incorporation service but also advisory services on how to run the companies effectively and in compliance with the law at reasonable cost.


Corporate and Commercial Law

Labour Law and Employment

Real Estate and Property

Personal Injury

Debt Recovery and Debt Restructuring

Family law and Succession

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Entertainment law