Corporate and Commercial Law

At Headfort Chambers, we have wide range of knowledge in the area of corporate law practice. The firm has incorporated hundreds of corporate organization to its credit, the companies so incorporated are not only enjoying the incorporation service but also advisory services on how to run the companies effectively and in compliance with the law at reasonable cost.
We provide advice on corporate governance, tax, access to finance and funding, brand identity, intellectual property and investment. We offer services such as company formation, drafting and vetting of contracts, secretarial duties, attend meetings and negotiate deals for our clients, all at affordable cost.

Labour Law and Employment

We provide outstanding services to clients in this aspect. Our clients are either employer of staff or employee of an orgaisation and we provide legal service to them based on the circumstances of their cases. It is important for our clients entering into an employer employee relationship to understand the laws, duties and rights around labour law in their jurisdiction of operation.
We do not just draft contract of employment but we educate, sensitize and train both employers and employees on their rights and duties under this aspect of law. Should any issue arise out of our client’s employer employee relationship, we explore both arbitration and litigation where need be to ensure that the issues are resolved.

Real Estate and Property

Headfort Chambers offers legal support and advisory services in all aspect of real estate and property transactions including property acquisition, mortgages, leases, title search and due diligence, perfection and registration of titles and management of properties.

The firm also renders quality service in preparation and perfection of transaction documents for real estate property including lease agreement, contract of sales, deed of mortgage, deed of gift, deed of assignment and all forms of contractual documents and arrangements relating to landed property.

Personal Injury

At Headfort Chambers, we handle several types of negligence, vicarious liability and other tortious action cases that involve car accidents, aviation related accidents, medical malpractice, child daycare negligence, wrongful death cases, etc. Negligence occurs when someone fails to use reasonable care to avoid causing injury or loss to another person.
In other words, negligence occurs when one person carelessly injures another person. In cases such as these, our team of lawyers who are outstandingly knowledgeable in this area negotiate compensation for our clients and in other cases, file lawsuit against the defendants if settlement cannot be reached. If you believe that you have been a victim of negligence or any tortious act, click on our contact and chat us up, we might just evaluate your case at little or no cost.

Debt Recovery and Debt Restructuring

We understand the importance of cash flow to an individual and to a business so when our client’s money is held down we understand their pain hence we explore all legal effort to ensure the money is recovered.
When our clients are owing, we understand the embarrassment and uneasiness attached so we device every legal means possible to restructure the debt to enable them pay conveniently. Our lawyers are experts in this area, they negotiate debt recovery with debtors, draft and review debt restructuring repayment schedule and concessions, Institute debt recovery action on behalf of clients and also advice on out of court settlement

Entertainment law

We at Headfort Chambers are aware of the reality in enforcement of contract in the Nigerian Entertainment industry and in a bid to appreciate the craft of artiste and protect their intellectual property, we have in place reputable and intelligent lawyers who negotiates and draft entertainments contracts, enforce contracts that promote and protect our clients’ interest, structure and advise our clients on sponsorship and endorsement deals, register and protect our client’s intellectual property and manage related legal issues involved, handle all legal issues arising from copyrights infringement and offer general legal service to all practitioners in the entertainment industry.

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Headfort Chambers prides itself in a wholesome litigation practice across various state jurisdiction within Nigeria including appellate courts. As a matter of culture, we view litigation as the last resort in the dispute resolution process and case management strategy.
As such, in appropriate cases, our lawyers routinely deploy their best efforts within the limits of law, ethics and global best practices by firstly exploring one or more of the various ADR mechanism, where possible, in order to ensure a rapid resolution of our clients’ cases. Our primary objective is always to ensure that all disputes involving our clients are expeditiously and effectively resolved with the most minimal exposure to our client as possible, in terms of time and cost. Hence, the preparation of court processes in record time and conclusion of our cases without undue and avoidable delay.

Family law and Succession

At Headfort Chambers, we have sound and very knowledgeable lawyers specialize in family law practice. they have overtime shown their expertise on cases bothering on dissolution of marriage, custody, maintenance, access to children of marriage, inheritance, etc. because of the emotions attached to these cases, we assigned them to lawyers who are logically, emotionally, and intelligently capable.